Top 5 Reasons You Should Have Your Crawlspace Inspected

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crawlspace under home

When’s the last time you took the time to crawl under your home, flashlight in hand, ready to inspect every nook and cranny. Ready to battle spiders, muck and  tight spaces? 

You’re not alone, most people that I ask this question just laugh at me or they tell me they went down there once, last Christmas, because that’s where the storage tote full of ornaments is stashed. 

Most home owners don’t even realize it’s something they SHOULD be doing, or why it would be so important. So we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Reasons You Should Have Your Crawlspace Inspected. 

#1 Your Plumber, HVAC Guy and Electrician are all great, but are not paid to keep things structurally sound. They install things where you want them, get things routed from A to B and trim whatever is in the way. What they don’t do is tell you that they created more costs for you in the long run – because those supports and connections they cut through are important for the structure and stability in your home. 

#2 Your Sprinkler System Might be an Issue. Have you ever stopped and really inspected your home sprinkler system, specifically to see if the water is constantly being directed towards your home? Rain water typically falls straight down, however a sprinkler shoots a concentrated jet. If this water is constantly directed towards your home it can wreak havoc on moisture levels in a crawlspace. This increases your chances of having rotten wood and mold issues tremendously.

#3 Mold. Honestly, almost every home has mold somewhere in the crawlspace – and that’s okay. What’s NOT okay is active mold growth from moisture issues. It’s important to have someone who knows what to look for, as mold can be dangerous to your health if not kept in check

#4 AC Ducts and condensation. Rodents, Animals and exposure can take it’s toll on insulation around your duct work and vents. What this means is higher power bills and condensation. Your insulation can become a soggy breeding ground for mold, water can puddle and stagnate in vents, and condensation can also cause wooden supports to rot. 

#5 Moisture. Rain, Downspouts, Gutters, Ground level crawlspace vents etc can become a major probem very, very quickly. Water entering and remaining in a crawlspace can cause wood rot, mold, and will very quickly lead to structural issues in a home. Moist wood attracts various species of wood eating pests, roaches and mice.