Structural Wood Repair Experts

Covid-19 Response

Social Distancing

The Wood Rescue Team takes social distancing and the health of our community seriously. We maintain 6 ft distance when  meeting in person , and prefer to speak through the glass door or a video call – even when on site. This keeps you safer.

Video & Photo Estimate

Your home still needs repairs even with a Pandemic like the Corona Virus circling the globe. We have adjusted to this new normal by providing video call estimates of exterior repairs while you sit comfortably inside. This allows us to show you what we see and provide expert advice with the use of  everyday technology!

No Contact Payment

With the ability to accept Check,  Card or even Venmo – payment can be done remotely or by simply placing a check under your doormat on the final day of the job. We will still perform a video walk through

of  the workperformed to ensure 

you are completely


satisfied before we collect payment.

Job Site Sterilization

We sterilize every job site by fogging our M-Bomb and O-Bomb product.  A pet and family safe sterilizing agent that ensures your peace of mind in a time of anxiety and social distancing. This compound is safe enough to cleanse your food and strong enough to disinfect the air.

Community Support

We’re all in this together. Wood Rescue Team is working with locals in the community to create a plan for emerging closer and more connected than ever. Stay tuned to our Facebook for more

Material Delivery

In an effort to minimize exposure for our crew and other essential workers, we order and curbside pickup job site materials or have them pre-delivered to the warehouse when possible.